We are passionate about clean water

We are a not-for-profit who are passionate about bringing clean, safe drinking water and sanitation solutions to communities in need across East Africa. We need your help to build more water wells and latrines, and to teach more young women about women’s health in order to empower their futures.


We only fund direct costs associated with the construction and maintenance of the wells, such as materials and fuel for the drill rig.

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The Girl Project

Over the years we’ve heard stories of girls who can’t afford sanitary products. While they are relatively cheap in Africa, if your parents earn $2 a day, there is no way a family will sacrifice food or rent money for that.

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Why Water?

Most of us have never been thirsty. We’ve never had to leave our home and walk 8kms to fetch water. We simply turn on a tap and not only does water come out but it comes out clean!

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So how does it work?

Our Approach

BeyondWater identifies communities and villages in need of clean water via two ways...

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Building a well

BeyondWater do not drill the wells themselves as it would take years of research and training to learn...

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Current Projects

Konza is a remote community in Eastern Kenya which is in great need of a deep bore well.

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