Over the years we’ve heard stories of girls who can’t afford sanitary products. While they are relatively cheap in Africa, if your parents earn $2 a day, there is no way a family will sacrifice food or rent money for that. Instead, most girls stay home from school, keep as still as possible and wait it out. Some have got desperate enough to sell their bodies for as little as 60 cents. Others use rags or newspaper.

Making the Difference

It might only be $5, but you add a few of those up and it changes the life of a girl.

Vision For Life

Hear from Shaz & Christabelle on how important it is to have a vision for your life.

Measures They Take

If you don't have sanitary products, what can you do? Here some girls from the Kibera Slum share their story.

$5 For A Packet of Sanitary Products

It’s that simple to keep a girl in school.


Hear from the girls who are part of the girl project in the Kibera Slum in Nairobi

Kendy's Story

Kendy is a young woman from the Kibera Slum. Here she shares a short story about growing up.

Christabelle's Story

Christabelle grew up in the Kibera Slum of Nairobi. Here she shares a short story about herself and what challenges she faced.

Vane's Story

Vane tells what it's like living in the Kibera Slum and what it's like for a teenage girl when she starts menstruation. 

Agripiners Story

Agripiner tells what it was like for her when she first got her period. She's lucky because she has a supportive family but many girls struggle to get sanitary products when living in the Kibera Slum.